Sewage Treatment Systems

Hametaher - Water Engineering & Purification designs, supplies, installs and maintains all makes of softeners, conditioners, DI systems, R/O, Reverse Osmosis, Sand Filters, sewage treatment plant, septic tanks, cesspools, cesspits, septic tank conversion units and wastewater pumping stations. Since 1979 the company is active in all the the aspects of the water treatment industry in Israel.

Below ground storage tanks
We provide storage tanks as a reliable solution for rain water harvesting, sewage treatment and/or for locations without mains drainage, where the discharge of treated effluent is not permissible due to government's regulations.

Septic Tanks

Package sewage treatment systems
BIOROCK® package sewage treatment systems are developed to purify (domestic) wastewater from households, farms, holiday homes, offices, leisure centers, public or commercial facilities with little if any, power consumption.

Reuse of tertiary treated wastewater

Reuse of tertiary treated grey or graywater